VooDoo Blue sealing tape

VooDoo Blue Sealing tape 12mm x 15 m


WRAS approved for potable water

for use with water steam air other liquids, gases and oils

an high quality economical tape 

Colour Blue

Length /15m

Width 12mm

Temperature range  -268 to + 260˚C

High density tape, with it’s magical sealing properties. Less tape required. For a superior seal making a high quality product very economical, fixings can backed off to aline components without fear of leakage.Due to the density and strength can be pulled easily into the valley of the threads unlike cheap sealing tape which will string and break. It’s unique colour and reel make it easy identifiable against weaker inferior tape.

Pressure rating  voodoo Thread Sealing Tape can be used to seal fittings carrying water and oil at pressures up to 10,000 PSI or 69,000kPa Note .Pressure ratings are relative to the quality and torquing of the fittings and the amount of tape used.  it is compatible with a very wide range of materials. It can be used on pipe made from galvanized steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminium ,stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, ABS and fibreglass. It can be used on pipes carrying the following materials:

 Acids, dilute, Air, compressed, Alcohols ,Aliphatic solvents,Ammonia, liquid, Aromatic solvents, Chlorinated solvents, Cutting oils Diesel fuel oil, Ehylene glycol, Fatty acids, Gasohol, Glycerine, Heating oils, Hydraulic fluids, Hydraulic oils, Hydrogen, gaseous and liquid, Inert gases, gaseous and liquids, Jet fuel, Kerosene, Ketones,  Liquid Petroleum Gas, Mineral oils, Natural gas, Nitrogen, gaseous and liquid, Petroleum solvents, Steam, Vegetable oils

Temperature range  -268 to + 260˚C

PTFE is completely stable up to + 260˚C . Decomposition is slow up to + 400˚C . Although decomposition will occur on contact with naked flame.

Colour blue

Width 12mm

Length /15m

Thickness 0.076m m ±10%

Density 1.5 g/cm 3≠± 10%

Elongation >100%

Tensile strength 15N /m m 2