copper ptfe anti-seize compound

copper compound (250ml can) (30ml syringe)


Composition PTFE / Copper compound

use for anti-seize on a wide range of metals

Colour Copper

available in ether

250ml brush top tin or

30ml easy use syringe

temperatures range

effective to 1200c


copper ptfe anti-seize is a corrosion resistant, high temperature compound that eliminates galling, distortion and breakage from threaded parts it prevents rust and corrosion on mating surfaces coated with cobas copper ptfe anti-seize will not fuse together even under pressure. this compound is a unique development combining ptfe and metallic elements under heat and pressure. cobas copper ptfe anti-seize compound is effective to 1200c at extremely high pressures. ideal for all threaded fastenings and gasket flange coating to promote release and eliminate corrosion. and along with being available in a brush top can is also available in a easy to use handy size sealable  syringe which accurately delivers the compound to where it is needed with less mess  and waste also no contamination  back into the compound. Note the syringe may not flow in cold conditions.

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