Ceramic anti seize and sealing tape

ceramic (12mmx15m )(19mmx15m)


Composition PTFE / ceramic

use for anti-seize or sealing

Colour cream

Length /15.1m

temperatures range

 -268c     to + 260c  for sealing use

 -268c     to +2700c for anti-seize use

Length  15m

Width 12mm or 19mm


 is a unique product designed to perm it the easy assembly and disassembly of threaded components. It takes the place of messy and potentially contaminating anti-seize com pounds. Cobas Ceramic Anti-Seize Tape is manufactured from a ceramic filled PTFE resin. The PTFE provides excellent lubricity while the ceramic powder acts as slide or bearing plates between the two mating surfaces. Thus, the tape helps prevent galling during the assembly and disassembly of components. When wrapped around a thread, Cobas Ceramic Anti- Seize Tape seals it from corrosive substances or any dirt or grit likely to cause seizure. Cobas Ceramic Anti-Seize Tape also prevents components from vibrating loose

there are three different tapes in the anti-seize tape range


all designed for different metals the COPPER a direct replacement for copper compound NICKEL is a direct replacement for nickel compound and to stop the galling of stainless steel CERAMIC is for aluminium or were a barrier between two dissimilar metals is required 

Colour cream

Length  15m

Width 12mm or 19mm

Thickness 0.0045"±10% / 0.115m m ±10%

Density 1.3g/cm 3±10%

Elongation 50%

Tensile strength 9-13 N/m m 2

Temperature range The tape is completely thermally stable at

temperatures between

 -268˚C to + 260˚C . The PTFE in the tape will slowly decompose up to  + 400˚C . How ever decomposition will occur on contact with naked flame. Upon decomposition the remaining ceramic powder will assist disassembly. The ceramic powder will melt at + 2700˚C .

SKU: ceramic (12mmx15m )(19mmx15m)

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